empowering influencers to monetize & create digital experiences for their audiences

It allows the everyday person to get up close & personal with their favorite influencers to understand how they pushed the limits physically to get to where they are today.

Our Story

Imbue started as an idea to create beautiful fitness experiences for people by allowing them to access the studios they love for one flat fee. We created a disruptive business model that solved the trilemma; Unlimited usage for members, positive margins for gyms & positive margins for ourselves, even on super users. Then came covid.

Gyms didn't want to hear about a service that could solve a problem they have in a few months, they didn't know if they were going to be open next month or have the funds to keep them afloat. We needed to help triage - we needed to bring them members.

We heard from fitness influencers that the market is tough right now for brand deals, yet they have this audience & no way to monetize. Competing services leave a bad stigma on the brands of influencers & there isn't any alternative built for the needs of the influencer. That's where we fit in. We want to help people to grow anywhere - to push themselves to be the best versions of themselves anywhere. This is just our beginning!

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Get To Know The Team

Alex Carrabre

Ceo & founder

Adventure addict, skydiver, sushi lover, creative marketer, and college dropout. Operating at the crossroads of design and computer science to craft experiences that people remember.

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